2013 Trosa, Sweden Car Show

Posted On: February 3, 2014

Leave it to a car lady to begin an international trip with a car show.  Since I was the instigator of a family heritage type trip which ended up being a group of eight people, and the only opportunity that came up in our time frame was for the very day we arrived in Sweden, I had to fit it into the plan!  The fact that all the travelers could hardly keep eyes open by the end of the show, we pressed our hosts to leave a bit early and miss the exceptional lottery prize giveaways, and we each lost half the next day to sleep, does not diminish the amount of enjoyment we got out of attending this car show.

After a fitful night in airline seats and arrival mid-day in Stockholm, we boarded a train for a small town where we were met by an assemblage of four vehicles to drive us to the Trosa show.  Trosa, Sweden (pronounced trrue’-sa) is a fishing village on the east coast of Sweden.  Our convoy included two Auburns, a Cobra and a vintage Chrysler. We arrived without incident after a country drive and did not hit any moose in the road. It really was an excellent outing!  Thank you to all four of our Drivers for the extra effort it took to accommodate us.  It could not have been a better introduction to Swedish hospitality.

1S Trosa car show (2) Kait


1S Trosa car show (21)

Doing what car people do with cars:  getting a better look.

1S Trosa car show (15)

Citroens to the west…


1S Trosa car show (14)

Citroens to the east. So many Citroen!  This was a once in a lifetime line up for us.


1S Trosa car show (25)

Curt and Jan Linderholm are into an engine discussion.

1S Trosa group jancar

Curt Schulze, the Kranicks of Minnesota and our wonderful host Ola Mårtensson.  It took his strategic planning to navigate all of us to the Trosa car show on July 18, 2013.