Parts Catalog

We use original Auburn factory part numbers and strongly recommend the first purchase you make is the appropriate parts book(s).

ALL ONLINE PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. Original parts are harder to find and manufacturing costs keep going up.

How It Works

There is no checkout or payment process here online. We will have a conversation back and forth (email or phone) before any order is final.

You find the parts you want or think you need. This is NOT a complete list and we have thousands of parts, including limited originals, so we welcome your inquiries.

Email or call or fill out the “Contact Us” form and ask about availability and current price for any Auburn part you need, listed here in the catalog or not.

We receive the order and get back to you with a quote, maybe discuss your car’s needs, figure shipping, supply a final invoice and upon payment, ship the order.

While we focus on factory correct restorations, we will sell a Flying Lady to a hood ornament collector, or door handles to a street rodder. Let us know that is your intent and we will not be trying to correct you!


The prices listed in this site may not be the most current. It is possible we missed an update. ALL PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE.


We accept: Money Order, a variety of checks and transfers, cash in USD and PayPal or other electronic payment. We do not accept paying any fee required for the transaction.
We DO NOT accept: Credit or Debit cards.


We ship internationally via US Postal Service or UPS.

In our experience, UPS is best for the more expensive or over-sized parcels.

Parts are shipped and insured at their invoiced value. Please do not ask us to be dishonest on customs forms.

Core Charges

Some parts have a core charge, meaning we need your old original back. Any item listed with a core charge will cost the amount listed in the core charge line on the invoice, in addition to the price. That amount is refundable when you provide a usable core back to us.

A Note About Auburn Boattail Speedster Parts

Since the original speedsters (1928-1929, 1931-1930), there have been many versions, including the Glen Pray cars in the 1960s. Auburn speedsters are still made by certain coach companies today. None of these are exactly like the original. Our parts fit original cars to the best of our knowledge and all of those cars were manufactured primarily by hand, causing much to be custom created and unique to each car. While the 1935-36 speedster running gear is the same as the other supercharged cars, care must be taken in ordering body parts that may not fit your particular car. (There are no original 1930 or 1934 speedsters.)


We hate returns. It is part of why we want to be in contact with you before your order is shipped. If we shipped you the wrong part in error, we will replace it as quickly as possible. If we shipped you a new manufactured part that does not operate as it should, we will replace it. Let us know within 10 business days. If you thought you knew what you needed and were wrong, you own it. If you misplaced your part, ordered one from us, then found your part, you now have an extra one. All that said we are reasonable about special situations with our repeat customers.