Wheels & Tires

Tire Sizes

  • 8 cyl All models, 6:50 x 16
  • 8 cyl Option All models, 7:00 x 16

Restortation Tip: 7:00 size tires do not fit in side mount fender pockets.

  • 6 cyl All models except 1934 652X, 6:25 x 16
  • 6 cyl 1934 652X, 5:50 x 17

Option White Walls on both sides of the tire.

Wheel Sizes

  • 8 cyl All 16 inch rims. Bolt pattern 5 ½ inches, 5 holes.
  • 6 cyl except 652X, 16 inch. Bolt pattern 5 inches, 5 holes.
  • 6 cyl 652X 17 inch rims. Bolt pattern 5 inches, 5 holes.

Wheel Styles

  • 8 cyl wire wheels were painted or chromed. Painted wheels part # E10620 and were a ‘harmonizing’ color, same as accent or pinstripe. Chrome wheels are part # E10766

hubcap 8cyl paintedwheel

8 cylinder painted wheel



6 cyl 16 inch wire wheels were painted part # E10675, or chrome part # E10768. Used through serial 3929.

6 cyl 652X, 17 inch wire wheels were painted. Part # E10776.

6 cyl Artillery wheels began March 11, 1935 with serial number 3930 and were painted or chrome. Part # E10932. Painted artillery wheels were pinstriped at the valley near the hubcap.


Hub Caps

8 cyl wire wheel hubcaps for 1934 have embossed AUBURN script up to serial number 850-1404. No 8 designation. Part # E10683.

8 cyl wire wheel hubcaps after serial number 850-1404 have embossed AUBURN and caps marked ‘8’. All hub caps to this point have two decorative rings around the edge. The rings and the background behind the AUBURN script are painted black. Part # E10664.

6 cylinder wire wheels for 1934 have embossed AUBURN script up to serial number 652-2050. No 6 designation. Part #E10683. The same as 8 cylinder cars.

6 cylinder after serial number 652-2050 had embossed AUBURN and caps marked ‘6’. Part # E10717.

6 cylinder artillery wheels, were introduced in March 1935 on Standard (not Custom, which had wire wheels) line of 6 cylinder cars with a larger hub cap that has a different font of the AUBURN script painted black and no rings. Part # E10513.

Wheel Covers

Introduced in 1935 for both 6 cylinder and 8 cylinder cars as an optional factory accessory, wheel covers are a two pieces. An outer trim ring (beauty ring) part # E10824 for 8 cylinder and E10825 for 6 cylinder, retains the inner wheel cover (dishpan) part # E10823. The beauty trim ring may be installed alone, with spokes showing.  A rubber grommet part # E10827, protects the tire valve. If trim rings appeared on 1934, they were dealer provided.

All hubcaps are chromed.  All details are painted black.

  • 8 cyl 1935-36 chrome plated
  • 6 cyl 1935-36 painted body color or accent color

Valve Stems

Valve stems are all rubber, tube type, with metal caps.

Dual Side Mount Spares

Available in 1934 on 8 cylinder cars only.

1935-1936 available on 6 cylinder and 8 cylinder cars. Used in the custom line series, except for supercharged cars, where a right side or rear were available.

Right Side Mount Spare

This is an option on supercharged cars due to pipe clearance on left side.

Rear Mounted Spare

Cars not equipped with side mounts and having no trunk, have a casting bolted to the body at the rear exterior, painted body color. The spare wheel mounts to this.

Trunk Mounted Spare

Spare tire stowed inside the trunk of Brougham, Sedan and Phaeton cars without side mounts.

Spare Tire Cover

Face Cover – Painted body color with an AUBURN logo word decal at the center top. There is pinstripe around the inner circle of the face cover, 5/8″ out from the reveal molding.

Tread Cover

Sized for the tire, the tread cover runs 75% around for side mounts. Full 90% around for rear mounted. Stainless steel trim ring runs around the center. Sidemount  has a round finger pull on the rear center edge. Optional mirrors mounted on top would have been dealer installed.