Accelerator Control Assembly Supercharged

Posted On: February 27, 2015

The accelerator control assembly consists of parts from the rod that connects to the gas pedal through the firewall, the bracket that bolts to the firewall that secures assembly, to the bell crank on the carburetor in the engine compartment.

This assembly was not painted.
It appears on original cars that the finish was either dull cadmium or light gray Parkerized.

This assembly is not the same as the non-supercharged.

  • J10358 Accelerator control lever
  • J10348 Shaft: longer than non-s/c
  • J10360 Bracket to firewall is wider and mounts with curve upward
  • J10359 Throttle advance lever
  • J10347 Throttle advance lever spacer
  • J10353 Gas control rod; lever to carburetor
  • Also: Yoke 16S1 with a PB3 #10 SAE clevis, WD010 washer, PE204 pin. All natural finish.