Accelerator Control Assembly

Posted On: February 27, 2015

The accelerator control assembly consists of parts from the rod that connects to the gas pedal through the firewall, the bracket that bolts to the firewall that secures assembly, to the bell crank on the carburetor in the engine compartment.

This assembly was not painted.
It appears on original cars that the finish was either dull cadmium or light gray Parkerized.

All non-supercharged cars used the same parts with exceptions noted below.

The accelerator control assembly consists of:

  • J10199 Shaft accelerator lever
  • J10200 Bracket accelerator lever to firewall
  • Two SA404 1/4 x 20 cap screws, head marked W, Parkerized
  • Two WA4 lock washers
  • J10216 or J10228 Accelerator return spring
  • J10187 Clip for accelerator return spring, natural finish, mounted on a bolt/stud where carburetor mounts to intake manifold
  • Gas control rods use Yoke 16S1 with a PB3 #10 SAE clevis pin, WD010 washer, PE204 cotter pin; all in natural finish.

Exceptions for 8 cylinders cars:

  • 850X uses accelerator control lever J10188
  • 850Y, 851, 852 use accelerator control lever J10285
  • All 8 Cyl use J10186 Linkage rod: gas control lever to carburetor

Exceptions for all 6 cylinders cars:

  • J10226  Accelerator control lever
  • J10227 Linkage rod: gas control lever to carburetor

The levers differ in the bends required to accommodate the carburetor.