Carburetor Supercharged

Posted On: February 27, 2015

Supercharged cars used J10342, Stromberg EX32. These can be identified by a pea sized circular impression directly under the fuel inlet on the bowl that say ‘1 3/8’. This is the venturi size and it is used on supercharged Auburns only, making these particular carbs a rare find.

  • Gasket J10107
  • Two J10366 studs, has bottoming flange that fits in the blower top recess
  • Two NF6 nuts
    • On the outside stud, place throttle return spring clip J10187
  • Two WA6 lock washers

Fuel line: fuel pump to carburetor

  • Two 12S724  5/16″ Inverted Flare Inlet Fitting
    • One on the carburetor
    • One on the fuel pump
  • Two 12S704  5/16″ Flare Nut
    • One on the carburetor
    • One on the fuel pump
  • Fuel Inlet tube 2S5049 from the fuel pump is 5/16″ copper and 24 1/2 inches long.