Posted On: February 27, 2015

All 1934 to 1936 Auburns use an Auto-Lite distributor
All are painted semi-gloss black.
The oiler is on the side facing the engine is nickel plated.

Distributor caps are held to the distributor with two spring steel arms, in gun-blued finish, across from each other. If the distributor is situated correctly, the clips will be 90 degrees from the long side of the engine and the ID tag will be facing towards the radiator.

The distributor hold down arm, in the bottom of the distributor body is cadmium plated. There is a screw that goes through the arm to tighten the unit in place once correct timing is set. The screw is also cad plated. The arm is secured in place on the side of the distributor with a SA405 cap screw Parkerized with a W head marking and WA4 lock washer.