Engine Block Paint

Posted On: February 27, 2015

All 6 and 8 cylinder engines left the factory a dark green.

If an 8 cylinder was returned for rebuild, typically called a Dallas Windslow rebuild engine, they were painted battleship gray.
If a 6 cylinder was rebuilt, it was painted a dark turquoise.
Any of the three colors are acceptable.

When the engine was painted at the factory it included the following items, already in place:

  • bell housing without the upper and lower inspection covers
  • oil pan
  • waterside plate (if applicable)
  • water pump
  • timing cover
  • front motor mount
  • harmonic balancer
  • oil filler pipe and cap
  • oil pressure relief valve
  • intake and exhaust manifolds on non-supercharged
    • See Manifold Exhaust & Intake sections
  • valve tappet covers
  • Also if an 8 cyl had a tach drive it was on the engine. If not equipped with tach drive, A90390 crank case tachometer cover will be installed instead.

This means all the gaskets, bolts, and washers that secured these items were painted at the same time.

Note: All superchargers came from Switzer Cummins painted black. This site has them mostly painted green in the pictures because we continue to learn as we go.