Generator Supercharged

Posted On: February 27, 2015

K10448 K10458

Supercharged generator K10735 carries Auto-Lite number GAR4603A on the tag with a black background.

The ‘A’ suffix in the Auto-Lite part number designates supercharged. The difference being Supercharged uses a double pulley K10765.

The generator to block bracket K10736 is for s/c cars only. It is mounted so the ends curve upward.
It is semi-gloss black retained with two SA608 bolt marked W and 2 WA6 lock washers.

The generator adjusting link K10737 is secured to the engine on the timing chain cover with one SF506 marked W or 30, and one WA5 lock washer.
A spacer K10737 is required for the adjusting link and it is secured to the generator with SA512 W head cap screw, WA5 lock washer.

The rest is the same as above.