Posted On: February 27, 2015

Dual trumpet horns were offered as an option on 850Y, 652Y, 653, and 654.
Long horn is N29147 and short is N29148.
On 8 cylinder cars the long horn is mounted on the inside and the short on the outside.
On 6 cylinder cars the short horn is mounted on the inside and the long one on the outside.
Since 8 cyl and 6 cyl have the horn positions swapped because of the radiator hose, the wiring from the horn to the relay is also swapped around. The wire to the relay on the LONG horn is longer on the 8 cyl and shorter on the 6 cyl.
Horns and the Delco relay are painted gloss black.

Horns are attached to the radiator support rods with bar N29122, which is secured by U bolt N29129 on each end. Installed so that the bar sits on top of the rods and the U bolt comes up from the bottom. Bar and U bolts are semi-gloss black.

The horn assembly has a relay N29140 attached to the horn bar, mounted on either the back or the front. Both ways are acceptable.

Power to the horns is supplied wire harness by K10728 with yellow and brown wire.

All small hardware; nuts and bolts, are Parkerized black except the horn mounting part N29149 that holds the horns to the bar, and that is light grey Parkerized.


If the optional trumpet horns were not ordered, a small Schwarze horn N10643 is mounted on the right hand frame rail. It has a crescent shaped metal tag in yellow on the back.
This horn is mounted with bracket K10378 and extension bracket N10688. The horn will be gloss black with bracket and extension semi-gloss and fasteners black Parkerized.
Secured with two SF506 hex bolts marked N, two NF5 nuts, and two WA5 lock washers.