Ignition Coil

Posted On: February 27, 2015

There are two coils:
8 cyl K10311, is Auto-Lite CE-4001G
6 cyl K10353, Auto-Lite IG-4065
The canister is embossed with the word Auto-Lite. If the word appears on the Bakelite top is it a later model and not appropriate.

Coil is installed towards back of the right side of the cylinder block with two SF404 cap screws head marked W, and WA4 lock washers.

Original nuts on the two coil terminals have a barrel shape with a screwdriver slot for tightening and are nickel plated.

The high tension wire is black lacquer.
The ignition side of the coil wiring:

  •  The red wire goes to the minus side of the coil.
  •  The plus side has the black wire that runs to the tang on the distributor. This wire must be correct length so it does not lay on the cylinder head.

There is a rubber coil boot K5-21.

On 8 cyl cars the high tension coil wire will have a lug on the end and screw underneath the retaining knob on top of the distributor cap.


8 cylinder coil

On 6 cyl cars the wire pushed into the distributor cap receptacle.

Coil is painted semi-gloss black. However some original coils have been found in battleship gray. Either is acceptable.