Manifold Exhaust & Intake Supercharged

Posted On: February 27, 2015

Supercharged manifold A90530 differs from conventional in that there is no heat riser and the manifolds are not bolted together.
There is evidence intake manifolds were painted silver.
It is difficult to know color and finish on exhaust manifolds, but they were not porcelain. Silver color or black are acceptable and both appear in original photos.

There was an option to have a supercharger without the external pipes. In that case exhaust manifold A90530 was used.

Intake manifold early style, front A90568 and rear A90565 used to engine #4284.

Intake manifold late style, front A90598 and rear A90599 used after engine #4284. These are the more common.

There are four ring glands A90567 that slide into the block to receive the manifolds. This ensures exact location for the blower top. These rings are necessary; otherwise the blower cover flanges can break.