Oil Pan Flasher

Posted On: February 27, 2015

The oil flasher, as Auburn called it, is part N10604.

This is used on the cars as indicated in the oil pan section. There is a boss on the oil pan that accepts this gage and a hole that allows the float to go into the oil pan.

The gage unit is cadmium plated and embossed on the face with ‘Stewart Warner, Corp.’

The gasket for the gage to the pan is A90474 same gasket as the over for the cars without the flasher.

It is secured to the exterior of the oil pan by five SH1005 round head machine screws and five 11S9 copper gaskets.

This unit tends to leak oil, so when you install the gasket, seal it well during assembly, before oil is added to the pan.

If a car is equipped with the oil flasher unit, it will have a low oil indicator on the very bottom of the speedometer.
Cars not so equipped have no indicator on the speedometer and do have the cover on the oil pan where the unit would be installed or a plain pan with no boss to mount the flasher unit.