Oil Pan General Information

Posted On: February 27, 2015

In all cars, the oil pan is painted on the engine as an assembly with all retaining bots, washers, lock washer painted green.
All the fasteners are the same, only fewer used on the 6 cylinder.

The oil pan is attached by bolts, heads marked W or 30 or a mix thereof.

In 1934 the 850X and all 6 cylinders did not have a low oil flasher light in the dash and no sender unit.
The 850Y had this special indicator.
All the 1935 cars up to mid-year had the oil flasher.
Then the oil flasher was eliminated from all cars, mid-1935 and through 1936.

Every oil pan, 6 and 8 cylinder used a square head npt drain plug with an embossed A in the head, as the oil drain plug. No gasket was used with this. The plug would be green, painted with the engine and oil pan assembly.