Oil Pan Supercharged

Posted On: February 27, 2015

The supercharged oil pan A90586 had a low oil indicator flasher up to serial # 3554. At that time it was discontinued and no indicator was used for the rest of production.

The difference between non-supercharged 8 cyl and s/c is a relief on supercharged oil pan in the very front of the pan to clear #1 rod cap.

The 8 cy oil pan gasket A8-241 fits between the pan and the engine block and is the same as all other 8 cylinder.

It is secured to the block with four SA505 cap screws and they are used on the front of the oil pan, screwing into the bottom of the timing chain cover.
21 SA506 cap crews are used for the remainder of the screw holes.

There are six 11S2 copper seals (washers) used on both the front and rear of the pan where the bolts go into the oil on the other since. These are backed up by WZ9005 flat washers. This is necessary to prevent oil seepage around the threads.
There are 19 WB5 lock washers used on the bolt that to not have the copper seal and WZ9005 washers.