Radiator – All

Posted On: February 27, 2015

All Auburn radiator cores are of a design known as “the Auburn pattern” which is a diamond like shape. It may be referred to as “honeycomb”, but this pattern was exclusive to Auburn.

Radiator Auburn

All radiators use radiator cap H10146 which has a single ear and the center is depressed. This cap is cadmium plated.


All radiators use drain cock H1-217 which is painted black on the radiator. And drain tube 2S5010, a copper tube 5 inches long, also painted black on the radiator.

rad petcock

All radiators are secured to the frame:

  • 8 cylinder use two bolts BZ804, a large carriage bolt
  • 6 cylinder use two bolts BZ802, a large carriage bolt
  • Above bolts have washer WB8 special SAE heavy
  • And nuts NA8

Fastener hardware is all Parkerized.

All radiators are painted semi-gloss black or black radiator paint.