Radiator Support Rod

Posted On: February 27, 2015

The radiator support rods are always painted semi-gloss black.

Radiator support rod H10194 is the same for all 8 cylinder cars.
Radiator support rod H10228 is for all 6 cylinder cars.

All support rods are secured at the firewall with radiator brace to body anchor G6-4424 and nut NH14 a 7/8 inch by 14 hex nut, and WH14 shake proof lock washer, and WZ1402 special flat washer. Fasteners are Parkerized.

Left and right hood panel support holder P10518 with rubber paint protector P10521 on the end and spring P10520, with washer WD8, NF8 hex nut are incorporated on the radiator support rod. The fasteners put tension on the spring.
This applied to all non-supercharged cars, left and right sides, and also to some earlier supercharged cars on the right side.

RESTORATION TIP: Part P10518 hood holder requires bending to modify to left and right sides. When in use it seats on a firewall screw head. The screw should be positioned so the slot fits the support.

Auburn offered an optional oil bath air filter for 8 cylinder cars (part number not know) and the right hand radiator support rod needed a relief to accommodate this. There is no known part number for that rod, either.

All the support rods attach to the radiator with SF608 hex bolt marked W, nut NF6, lock washer WA6. These fasteners at the point of the V shape the rods make are Parkerized.

On some later supercharged cars and all speedsters, the left hood support is P10271, secured to the support rod directly about the air cleaner.
There is a 1/8 inch hole through the rod and the support with a cotter pin that allows it to fold down and clamp on the rod when not in use.
Rubber bumper P10823 is screwed to the end of this hood support to provide paint protection.

Also secured to the radiator support rod are trumpet horns.