Posted On: February 27, 2015

The startix K10020 is the same for all cars that are so equipped.

It mounts on two studs.

  • On early cars it screws into lower mounting holes in the water side plate.
  • On late engines there are two holes drilled and tapped in the block.

Stud A90429 screws into the block and is secured with two NF4 nut and WA4 lock washers.

All cars equipped with Startix use a short cable K10386 from the startix to the starter motor.

  • 8 cylinder cars, cable K10387 from the startix to the battery.
  • 6 cylinder cars, cable K10388 from the startix to the battery.

These cables are cloth wrapped, size 00, with no plastic overs at the lug end.