Studs: Manifold to Block

Posted On: February 27, 2015

850X uses two A90311, ten A5-96, two Washers WZ9010, eight WZ9014 and 12 NF6 nuts. There are 15 total WA6 lock washers used on this manifold assembly.

850Y, 851, 852 use two A90470 long studs in the top two center positions of the block. And there are ten A5-96 studs.

6 cyl al use ten A5-96 studs.

There are two WZ9010 plate washers used on the two top center studs on both 6 cy and 8 cyl.

The WZ9014: all 8 cyl take 10, all 6 cyl take 8.

There are 12 NF6 nuts for all 8 cyl.
There are 10 NF6 nuts for all 6 cyl.

All 8 cyl use 15 WA6 lock washers.
6 cyl use 10 WA6 lock washers.
Finish is Parkerized or natural.